Our Ongoing Monthly Contest:

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NEW CONTEST: Grateful Shed Tree Contest.

Send us a picture with your dog and his/her chew and we will donate money and have a tree planted in your name and your dogs name, by the Arbor Day Foundation or Friends Of Trees. You will receive a card in the mail!


Jasper and Adey are contest winners!

Gertie and Remy are contest winners!

Danee boy is a contest winner and one of my favorite pics !

Shorty is another contest winner!

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24/7 year round all sales are backed up with a 100% money back guarantee! RETURN POLICY:   If you don’t like the chews for any reason at all, you can return them and we can refund or replace, after they’re returned as long as they’re not chewed on, refunds are on entire orders only.  

Maggie from Michigan is one of our winners!

Dita from Texas is one of our contest winners!

She has made a donation to www.project-k-911.org This is Chevy one of our are contest winners! Hey Chevy we do carry Chihauhau size antler chews!