“The original cheese flavored antler chew!”

Our cheetlers are 100% organic! We all know how much dogs love cheese so we took Americas number #1 antler dog chew and combined them both! Antler dog chews are very durable, full of rich minerals and do not splinter! Our cheese flavored antler chews are a favorite now with are grateful dogs world wide! All of are cheetlers are white cheddar flavored and don’t leave an orange mess! They will help clean your dogs teeth! As you know antler chews are fast becoming the best way to clean your dogs teeth but studies show cheese may actually re-mineralize your dogs teeth and reduce the acids that cause plaque and lead to cavities. With our Cheetlers you get the benefits of the antler and the protein and plaque fighting qualities of the cheese!

The sodium content is less than 1%! The fat content is less than 1%! Cheetlers may not be good for dogs who are lactose intolerant or have digestive problems.

Thanks for supporting an all American company! God bless, From the whole Grateful Shed Crew!

Flavored Antler Chews

Flavored moose, elk and mule deer

Price: Flavored moose,elk and mule deer 100% all natural beef & chicken flavor!100% ORGANIC FLAVOR! Call or email for pricing

3 pack of large Cheetlers

Price: $29.99 for 3 pack of large Cheetlers ($9.99 EACH!) 3 pack XL Cheetlers ($13.99 EACH!) $41.99