We all know how amazing Grateful Shed Antler Chews are for cleaning teeth,removing plaque, and tarter build up! We now offer them with an amazing teeth cleaning and flossing, 100% all natural cotton rope.

Made with the finest all natural materials right here in the USA! Our antler dog toys massage gums, clean teeth, and we offer your dog several chewing textures which keeps them interested and chewing! Both ends are handles! Both ends are antler chews! One for the dog and one for the dog’s human pet! If you have 2 dogs, they can get a tug-o-war going. It makes for awesome play time! There’s even an antler chew in the middle which can slide either way! The handles slide too! Dogs seem to really love to play with these with you after they eat. We make these in sizes for a 3lb tea cup to a 190lb Irish Wolf Hound! Available in green or white. If you have a custom order just let us know!

Antler Dog Toys

6-18″ long

Price: This size here is 16-18″ long, and the chews are good for 15lb to 35lb dogs: $24.99