Now your thinking antlers for dog treats? That’s strange, seems like these would be tough to chew on – almost to hard. But I gotta tell you, after being in the antler business myself for a long time and doing all my research, I have discovered that most dogs highly prefer antler chews over rawhide treats and most other chews.

It all started years ago when I was visiting a friend up north of Illinois. When we got back from shed hunting (also known as bone picking), and had an old elk antler shed with us. I threw it like a stick for his dogs to chase, and never got it back – they were fighting over it like it was a piece of steak! I spoke with my friend a week later and he said they were still chewing on it; it was the best dog chew treat they ever had!

I  marketed them across North America and spread the word that these naturally shed antlers make great chews for dogs. So we tried different species of antler with different dogs; mule deer antlers, whitetail deer antlers,  moose antlers and caribou. As far as size and different species is concerned, some dogs really like elk others prefer mule deer some whitetail; its just like how people have different tastes for different foods. You’ll need to experiment with your dog to find out what his preferences are. Most dogs that are heavy chewers like them all! They can also be cut up into different sizes and shapes to fit your dogs needs. CLICK THE LINKS ON THE LEFT!

There are many advantages of using antler chews for dog treats.

  1. They are all natural and have high nutrients and minerals.
  2. They last a long time.
  3. They don’t splinter or split, stain or smell.
  4. They all come from a renewable resource, called shed antlers.

Shed antlers are antlers that are naturally shed from deer, moose and elk. These animals grow a new set of antlers each year and then shed them off and re-grow another set for the following year – very renewable, very conservative. They’re the best dog chews ever, and they come 100% from nature. Just ask any veterinarian, they’ll back them up with a lot of praise.

So if your a dog lover, try an antler dog chew for your canine, and see if he goes crazy with it. Granted, not all dogs will take to them, but those that do, really enjoy them until the last bit is finally gone!

Grateful Shed Antler Chews is the original antler chew company since 1999. Our shed antler chews are all natural premium 100% organic antlers that are a renewable resource and have more benefit’s than any other dog chew on the market. They last a very long time and when sized correctly they do not Splinter! We only use fresh premium grade shed antlers not like other companies that sell old weathered cracked up antler that doesn’t last. Our antler chews are rich in minerals and will clean your dogs teeth better than anything else on the market!

Remember A Grateful Dog Is A Happy Dog!