Grateful Shed Antler Chews is the original antler chew company since 1999!   Located in the Rockies of East Idaho!   

We are an all American company! I have been in the shed antler business for 20 years, but back in 1998 after giving my friend’s dogs a couple of shed antlers that we found, and not being able to get it back from them very easily I realized there might be more to shed antlers than just lamps and chandeliers. So we took natural shed antlers from several different species: Elk, Moose,Deer, Caribou and several other species and gave them to dogs of different breeds and sizes all over the country – the response was amazing!  Everyone thought I was nuts except for the dogs!

I decided to market them 17 years ago and all I can say is that there’s a lot of grateful dogs all over the US and now 19 other countries!  It’s really a miracle chew for dogs! Our premium antler chews  last a long time! They don’t splinter or smell! They are rich in minerals and will even clean your dogs teeth to a bright white shine better than anything else on the market! Our antler chew sizes are the best in the country! When you order a large chew you get a large chew!  We cater to the size chew your dog needs not what your store wants to sell you.   We use only premium fresh A grade shed antlers for all of our chews.  When you call you will be greeted by an English speaking human being who can answer any questions regarding anything about any species of antler or antler chew!  If there is no answer or its after hours, please leave us a message or shoot us an email.  We can be tough to get in touch with at times, but always worth the wait!   Call the original shed head today!


Is your pet store charging you high prices for your antler chew’s? Do you have a huge minimum order to get wholesale pricing online when you just want a few chews for your dog? Are you paying $20-$50 each for extra large and jumbo size chews? Are you tired of ordering  large antler chews online and getting mediums? Is your online company or pet store trying to scam you by selling you split chews that last half as long and leave a nasty edge!  Then Stop!! Grateful Shed Antler Chews is the original antler chew company with great wholesale pricing to the public! Our prices are the best on the net, with the cheapest shipping anywhere! Email or call today to place an order!
We are an online catalog and take credit card orders over the phone,paypal, and personal checks.  Our shipping rates are the cheapest please inquire about them!

Remember.. A Grateful Dog Is A Happy Dog!

Please read our antler chew information page for all the wonderful benefits your dog can get from grateful shed antler chews, and look for our logo in your favorite pet store today!

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